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The 21st Century Film, TV & Media School

AUTOR: ed. Maria Dora Mourão... [et al.]
TÍTULO: The 21st Century Film, TV & Media School : directing the future
COTA: AV/1230.A-BC

ANO: 2019
RESUMO:  Volume 2 of the 21st Century Film, Tv, and Media School Book Project has a vital specific aim - to share current practice in the teaching of directing. Its publication emerges as the traditional role of the film director is under uregent pressures from both disruptive institutional challeges and technological changes that drive hybrid narratives, newley complex production workflows, and the radicalization of expressive visual and audio forms. This second volume is again published by CILECT - The International Association of Film and Television Schools (Ventre International de Liaision des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) - and comprises of chapters from practicing lectres working in CILECT's over 180 audio-visual institutions - from China, UK, Singapore, Mexico, Finland, Australia, Israel, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, Czechia, and the USA. Their informed insights - born of research and practice - provide a suggestive account of how school pedagogues across the six continents share their passions and intellectual goals in the art and craft of directing with their new generation of students. It Follows volume 1 (2016) which considered the 'challenges', clashes and chandes' in Film education as a whole.


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